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 Loza Vinotherapy

What is that?
It is a treatment intended primarily for the skin of the face and body, with various benefits for the whole body, which entertains and relaxes at the same time. Wine and grape seed oil are primarily used in vinotherapy, as this is a fruit that contains extremely large amounts of vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and polyphenols. Other vine derivatives are also used, such as red leaf extract, as it is rich in flavonoids, which improve circulation and preserve the walls of blood vessels.


How does it work?
Vinotherapy was also practiced by the ancient Egyptians, and research conducted in the early 1990s in the Bordeaux region of France proved that polyphenols from cold-pressed grape seed oil are the most effective substance for skin rejuvenation, due to their extremely effective action against free radicals. The combination of active elements that are naturally present in grape seed oil - polyphenols, vitamins (A, B, C, K and E), beta-carotene, minerals, fruit acids (tartaric, citric and malic) and unsaturated fatty acids - represents a very powerful a means to preserve the natural moisture of the skin and to regenerate its particles. After the treatment, it becomes elastic, softer, smoother - the skin is literally regenerated, refreshed and rejuvenated. Vinotherapy also improves the natural production of collagen, which, in addition to the effect of microcirculation, contributes to the firmness and beautiful natural complexion of the skin. Vinotherapy stimulates, tones, regenerates and restores the skin, prevents inflammatory processes, slows down the aging process

In what form is it practiced?
During wine therapy, grape derivatives are used to clean the skin, for scrubs, for massages, for wraps and in the form of masks for the face or other parts of the body. During the aforementioned treatments, such products are often used together with special hydrolates, clays, butters and essential oils, and the careful combination of foods and substances further contributes to the release of active substances and the achievement of the intended goal. Grape seed oil is very easily absorbed and leaves the skin satiny soft, without excess oil, which is why it is especially recommended for sensitive and oily skin, for skin prone to acne, for skin with burns and sun scars and for skin that easily dehydrates and it looks old.

Wine for the skin...
During the wine therapy, we serve your skin quality bottled Istrian wine from the Motovun area - wine made in a natural way, which represents a combination of the rich Istrian land and the traditional recipe of the Motovun winemaker Novak. For wine lovers, it will be a winning combination, in which, during the treatment itself, they will be able to taste that excellent red wine produced from the Teran variety, which is characterized by its strong, full and robust taste.

Why Teran?
There are large amounts of resveratrol in Teran, which is mostly obtained from red grapes and wine. Rasveratrol is one of the strongest antioxidants and is extremely important because it protects our body from the action of free radicals. Precisely because of the positive effect of rasveratrol's antioxidant properties on the human body, it has been increasingly used in innovative cosmetic treatments in recent years.

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